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Barbara Case a delicious, clear soprano, writes songs and arranges others. She has a small house and a husband from Nebraska. A graduate of Emerson College (Boston, Ma) and Humboldt State University (Arcata, Ca), she is currently a soloist, keyboardist, and composer.


Stephanie Long is a sensuous mezzo-soprano, works joyfully for earthsongs music. She writes and arranges songs and has written scores for theatrical productions. About her experience with the Chix she says, “The Chix allows me to use and improve my skills and to play in a safe, nurturing place. As Barbara wrote in the song Daring Diva’s ‘Anything worth saying we can put in a song’. I want to prove that everyday. There are things in this life that I will never do well: reading a map, fixing a car, understanding music software, and (according to my mother) making a grilled cheese sandwich, but I CAN make music and will do so until I can no longer breathe.”

Stephanie's first album Stay In The Dream is available at cdbaby, and her second album is due out very soon.
Listen to Stephanie's new song song "Is That Too Much To Ask?"

Cherie Gullerud is very happy to be the newest - if not the youngest - member of Free Range Chix! Performing as an actress, singer, and harpist since the age of 14, her on stage highlights include:
• first resident harpist in 50 years at Yellowstone National Park; singing with the Silvergirl trio and Hilltop Big Band; performing in community theater productions and industrial films;
• winning the Best Character Actress Award from Albany Civic Theatre in the 1980's. She has played with the Loveland Chamber Orchestra, the Northern Colorado Theatre Orchestra
and is the founder of the Northern Colorado chapter of the American Harp Society. In her spare time she designs and garners costumes for various groups, including WIllamette Stage Company.

AngelaBorn and raised in the great state of Iowa, Angela Lee couldn't help but have a corny side. This turned out to be advantageous when she decided to join the lighthearted Free Range Chix. Also born with a creative side, in high school she participated in choir, theatre, and photography, but put them aside to pursue a degree in high performance automotive technology. Eventually she was driven back to pursuing photography and also took up ballroom dancing. She still missed singing so set out to find a group where she could sing as well as write and record and have fun while doing it. The Free Range Chix is it. She is married to a husband who frequently brings her daisies to make her smile, and they have two very fat cat children.

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