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original 4 chixHerstory of Free Range Chix

In the spring of 2002 an outrageously funny musical took place at the Albany Civic Theater in Oregon: SIX WOMEN WITH BRAIN DEATH, or EXPIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. Affectionately abbreviated to Six Chix by the cast, four of them came together after the show in search of a new adventure. Committed to being “just a little bit naughty”, their Mission was to bring laughter, wonderful harmonies, truth, and joy into every experience. Realizing they were free to sing whatever they wanted and that, between them, they had an interesting range of musical interests and a wide vocal range, they became the FREE RANGE CHIX. 
The main four were Nancy Beaudry, Barbara Case, Vicki Hannah Lein, and Stephanie Long, all from Corvallis, Oregon. Two other women, Melody Dingman and Marina Cassandra, joined briefly. The first performance was entertaining participants walking lap after lap in the annual Relay For Life event in Albany. (The Chix got to stand still and sing.)
Our first paid gig was at the Book Bin in Corvallis. Due to time constraints, Melody and Cassandra left the group. The original four went on and provided entertainment for Girl’s Night Out events, fundraisers, festivals, conferences, and private celebrations. Our musical comedy included songs about the UnClogged CDopposite sex, as well as important issues like PMS, menopause, pap smears, something about memory, and even more important subject matter like chocolate and cheese. Strangely enough, a lot of folks seemed to relate to and thoroughly enjoy hearing about these topics.
Our debut cd “UNCLOGGED” - available at - came out in 2004. Filled with our fun, inspiring lyrics and gorgeous harmonies, it will always be a perfect gift for your Mom, friends, aunts, cousins, Red Hat Society group, Christmas and birthdays.  


Here are a few of the groups we have entertained:
  Annual Women's Comedy Festival, Eugene Or
  Breast Cancer Coalition Fundraiser, Coos Bay,      Or
  Denim and Diamonds Fundraiser, Albany, Or
  Comedy Festival, Three Rivers Casino
  Sisters in Sisters annual women's event
  Girl's on the Town Fundraiser, Corvallis, Or
  Green Film Festival
  Relay For Life, Albany, Or
  OSU Healthcare Dinner
  OSU Pharmacy Meeting
  OSU Occupational Therapy Conference
  Oregon Women For Higher Education
  Corvallis Chamber of Commerce
  In Other Words Bookstore, Portland Or
  NOW Anniversary, Salem Or
  Fundraiser for High School Seniors,      Independence, Or
  Zonta Benefit
  OSU Thrift Club Benefit
  OSU Women's Center SAVE Fundraiser
  American Business Women
  Albany Civic Theatre benefit
Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant's radio show,    Eugene Or
Whole Wheat Radio, Alaska
Manoi Radio, Hawaii
Nancy BeaudryNancy Beaudry
2006, Nancy flew the coop to pursue an MBA degree, which she proudly and joyously completed in August of 2008.
Vicki Hannah Lein
Vicki Hannah Lein
September 2008, Vicki felt the need to say good-bye and travel the globe, teaching, singing and inspiring others be "All That You Can Be".  Follow her happy trail on her websites:

Outrageous Visions
Find the Funny Faster

Harriet Nixon
May 2010 Sadly, we bid adieu to the multi-talented Harriet. She is actively pursuing her first love, theater, with the professional Willamette Stage Company. Look for her this fall in a revival of EDUCATING RITA and in many other first-rate theatrical productions.