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Sometimes, especially these days, it’s hard to be a free range chick. We’ve all been reined in from activities we took for granted. We are no longer free to get up and roam about the world, near or far.
However, by sharing our stories, our souls can still sing. I’m hoping this site can help with that.  I’m starting with the story my free range cat.

Free Range Chix is a group of fun, funny, multi-talented (and tasking!) women who love to entertain with their original songs and parodies. Their delightful harmonies, witty lyrics, and heartfelt sentiments offer something for everyone.

You’ve never seen a group quite like ours and you will never be the same after experiencing our original songs like
listen to a song sample Mid-life Mamas
listen to a song sample  I Put it in a Really Good Place
listen to a song sample Internet

Singing a slightly different tune these days, the FREE RANGE CHIX are back in the coop.

In other words: due to family obligations, and the temporary cyclical economic situation curtailing many artistic endeavors, the CHIX are hibernating, hydrating, hyperbolically hyperextending our hiatus.